Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation

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color available , 0.5,1, please indicate the color the comment when you check out . Elegant master Armani designed for the face makeup wardrobe, Armani fashion makeup products in the reproduction of the elegant light. Whether it is natural, makeup, or exquisite makeup, can let the pursuit of perfect women choose to dream makeup products, to achieve face exclusive tailor-made. Now add to obtain 2009 Claire International Beauty Awards new champion, is the thin transparent foundation products to maximize. Armani breakthrough 3D Micro-fil "patent technology, high fusion accuracy of pigment granules and iridescent factor, such as like heavy Chiffon lithe cover face and skin, and instantly create a delicate pink new skin texture. Especially suitable for easy and comfortable leisure occasions, skin is not made much modification, pink in the retention of the skin characteristics at the same time, let a person unconsciously hooked on it face to bring the charming and exquisite feeling. Love are affectionately called her "dawdler" foundation, even if there is no make-up skills, or never use the foundation of women can within a minute easily fix flawless makeup. Women love the most delicate skin texture, relaxed and enjoyable in every moment, Armani's charming and elegant bloom. Color:shared 5 color number listed, the No. 1 porcelain white, suitable for white, transparent color; No. 2 beige and 3 natural color, for the Asian market recommended color, especially fitting Oriental female skin needs; and 5, dark brown and the 7th brown. Females of different color brings more choices. Food match:in order to create brilliant bright clear flawless skin, especially recommended in the early makeup Pro muscle modified milk before use inject pink is tender and moist new makeup products -- light division Yang muscle makeup milk for the skin, or bring a long-term touches with door - smooth crystal rhyme sunscreen milk for the skin. In order to ensure the lasting natural makeup, in modified milk after recommended silky powder, make perfect makeup all-weather shine